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Avidemux is a free and open source, multi-platform video editor designed for simple tasks: cutting, filtering and encoding


  • The Avidemux program has an intuitive interface;
  • The Avidemux program comes with a graphical interface and a command line interface;
  • Support for various output formats: MKV, Flash, AVI, MPEG-1/2, OSM, MP4 and others;
  • Built-in video encoders: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, FFHuffYUV, FFV1, H. 263, H. 263+, HuffYUV, MJPEG, MPEG-4, Snow, x264, x264, Xvid, Y800;
  • Built-in audio encoders: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3), Vorbis, AAC, MPEG-1 layer 2( MP2), AC-3, MPEG-1 layer 2( MP2), Microsoft RIFF WAV PCM, LPCM;
  • Support for hardware acceleration and multithreading;
  • Support for non-linear video editing, visual effects and transcoding;
  • Support for multiplexing and demultiplexing;
  • Support for working with subtitles in popular formats: SUB, SSA, ASS, SRT;
  • The Avidemux program has powerful scripting capabilities;
  • It is possible to perform basic operations: cutting, copying, inserting, deleting, combining/gluing, splitting/slicing into several parts;
  • It is possible to apply various filters and visual effects;
  • It is possible to view the file properties: audio and video;
  • It is possible to add/extract an audio track;
  • It is possible to customize the appearance of the program: add/remove panels, adjust to the size of the window, change the scale.

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The software Avidemux is available for installation on Linux, Windows and macOS.

Installation methodOS
PPAUbuntu* 16.04/18.04/19.04/20.04, Linux Mint 18/19, Debian
FlatpakUbuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Arch Linux, Fedora, CentOS, KDE Neon, openSUSE, elementary OS, Manjaro, Red Hat Enterprise Linux
AppImageUbuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, CentOS, elementaryOS, Linux Mint and others

*Ubuntu (GNOME), Kubuntu (KDE), Xubuntu (XFCE), Lubuntu (LXDE)

Install Software via PPA repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xtradeb/apps
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install avidemux
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/avidemux
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install avidemux2.7

Install Software via Flatpak package

flatpak install flathub org.avidemux.Avidemux

Install Software via AppImage package

Install Software via EXE package on Windows

Install Software via DMG package for macOS

Software Information

Language Interface:English, Russian, Deutsch, Spanish, French and others
Description version:2.7.8
Developer:Team Avidemux
Programming language:C++
License:GPL v2
Software website:avidemux.sourceforge.net

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