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Fotoxx is a free open source Linux program for image editing and collection management


  • View gallery of: thumbnail, meta, list, recently viewed or edited images, or the newest images;
  • Gallery sort: filename, file modification date/time, photo date/time (EXIF), file size (bytes), image size (pixels);
  • Click thumbnail for full-size view, image zoom in/out and pan/scroll;
  • RAW file conversion, single or batch, save as TIFF/PNG with 16 bits/color;
  • Edit RAW files directly using RawTherapee or the Fotoxx edit functions;
  • Edited files are saved with a version number, originals are kept;
  • Undo/Redo edits, go back and forth to compare edited versions;
  • Editing a full image or a separate selected area;

Large set of functions to edit, repair, enhance, and transform images:

  • brightness, color, contrast, trim/crop, rotate, upright, resize, sharpen;
  • denoise, color saturation and temperature, white and black points …;
  • Smart Erase (power lines, signs, litter …);
  • Fix red eyes with one click per eye;
  • Make a black/white or color negative, positive from negative, or sepia;
  • Warp an image to fix perspective, straighten curves, or for special effects;
  • HDR: combine dark/bright images, adjust relative inputs by editing curves;
  • Suppress noise by combining and averaging multiple high-noise photos;
  • Panorama: combine 2-4 overlapped images horizontally or vertically (hand-held photos work OK – some care is needed, but not a tripod);
  • Convert photo to drawing (charcoal, blackboard, colored lines);
  • Convert a photo into a cartoon-like drawing;
  • Add embossed effect (surface depth, 3D texture);
  • Make tiles: any size, with or without borders. Pixelize to obscure a face;
  • Paint or unpaint with the mouse, with variable brush size and transparency;
  • Add texture to an image background, random or repeating pattern;
  • Convert an image into a mosaic using tiles made from image collection;
  • Transformations: sphere, twist, stretch, inside-out, tiny planet, Escher spiral;
  • Many convolution kernels are supplied. Add custom convolution kernels;
  • Blur: ordinary, radial, directed, background only, paint blur using mouse;
  • Area Rescale: select an area to freeze and rescale the rest of the image;
  • Add text to an image with variable font, size, angle, transparency, shadow;
  • Add lines and arrows to an image;
  • And much more;

  • Custom scripts: record a series of edits and use as a new edit function;
  • Custom user menu: collect frequently-used functions into a custom menu;
  • Plugins: use other edit apps (e.g. Gimp) as Fotoxx plug-in edit function;
  • Batch tools for renaming, resizing, converting, processing RAW files, adding/revising/reporting metadata, and executing custom edit scripts;
  • Batch utility to set photo date/time or shift by any amount (e.g. fix time zone);
  • Metadata edit and report (tags, dates, captions, geotags … any metadata);
  • Search images using any metadata and folder/file names or partial names: dates, tags, locations, ratings, captions, comments, exposure data …;
  • Find duplicate images within current gallery view or entire image collection;
  • Slide show: show album images with animated transitions and pan/zoom;
  • Print an image at any scale. Printer color calibration tool is available;
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to most functions;
  • Comprehensive user guide and context help popups via F1 key.

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The software Fotoxx is available for installation on Linux.

Installation methodOS
DebUbuntu* 16.04/18.04/19.04/20.04, Linux Mint 18/19, Debian
RPMopenSUSE, Rosa Linux, Mageia, ALT Linux, Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and others
AppImageUbuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, CentOS, elementaryOS, Linux Mint and others

*Ubuntu (GNOME), Kubuntu (KDE), Xubuntu (XFCE), Lubuntu (LXDE)

Install Software via Deb package

Install Software via RPM package

Install Software via AppImage package

Software Information

Language Interface:English, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish
Description version:20.17
Programming language:C++
License:GPL v3

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