GNOME Clocks

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GNOME Clocks is a free and open source simple program that includes world time, alarm clocks, stopwatch, and timer

Update 19.03.2024


  • It is possible to add the world time;
  • When viewing the detailed world time of a particular city, it displays the time of the beginning of dawn and sunset;
  • It is possible to add alarms: you can choose the start time, select the days, select the duration of the call and repeat;
  • When the alarm goes off, the program offers to stop/disable or postpone it;
  • There is a stopwatch with the ability to mark circles;
  • There is a timer with a choice of time for counting down;
  • Shows notifications when the timer expires;
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts.

          Screenshots Software


          The software GNOME Clocks is available for installation on Linux.

          Install Sotware via Software Center (Appstream)

          Install Software via Deb package

          Install Software via RPM package

          Install Software via Snap package

          sudo snap install gnome-clocks

          Install Software via Flatpak package

          flatpak install flathub org.gnome.clocks

          Software Information

          Language Interface:English, Russian, Deutsch, Spanish, French and others
          Description version:40.0
          Developer:The GNOME project
          Programming language:GTK
          License:GPL v2

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