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LightZone – free and open source, multiplatform digital darkroom software and professional-level photo editor


The Lightzone software interface consists of two modes: observer and editor:

In the “Observer” mode you can:

  • Open and view photos;
  • Search for photos via folders/directories;
  • Sort photos: by file name, snapshot time, rating, modification time, file size and other parameters;
  • Establish an estimate of photos from 1 to 5;
  • Some editing features are also available through the context menu (Styles) and on the toolbar (rotation, reflection/mirroring);
  • View and edit photo metadata;
  • Convert photos to formats: TIFF, JPEG;
  • Print photos;
  • It is possible to show/hide the folder and metadata panels.

In the “Editor” mode you can:

  • Effects/filters, called styles, are located on the left side of the sidebar and divided into groups;
  • When you hover the mouse cursor on a certain style, you can see the preview of its use (slightly above the styles);
  • There are editing modes: standard, cropping, rotation and area;
  • The “History” panel shows a list of changes that were entered into the file;
  • It is possible to apply one or more styles, combining them together to create new effects;
  • It is possible to maintain your own styles;
  • LightZone contains an extensive set of tools for processing and editing images of RAW images: color correction, white balance, elimination of noise, sharpness, blur and others; It is possible to show/hide the panels.

  • LightZone edits images in both RAW and JPEG format;
  • LightZone does not edit the original file, and creates a resulting image file after editing;
  • There is batch processing of files.

Screenshots Software


The software LightZone is available for installation on Linux, Windows and macOS.

Installation methodOS
PPAUbuntu* 16.04/18.04/19.04/20.04, Linux Mint 18/19, Debian

*Ubuntu (GNOME), Kubuntu (KDE), Xubuntu (XFCE), Lubuntu (LXDE)

Install Software via PPA repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lightzone-team/lightzone
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install lightzone

Install Software via EXE package on Windows

Install Software via DMG package for macOS

Software Information

Language Interface:English
Description version:4.2.2
Developer:LightZone Team
Programming language:Java, C, HTML, C++

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