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Pika Backup is a free and open source simple software for creating borg-based backups


  • Create new backup plans or use existing backup plans;
  • Support for creating backups on local (including USB drives, as well as SMB or SFTP servers) and on remote storage (using SSH, Pika Backup can also save data on servers that have special borg support);
  • Pika Backup allows you to save time on creating a backup, as well as disk space, because Pika Backup detects what data has already been copied;
  • Backup encryption support;
  • You can view the list of archives and their contents;
  • You can choose which folders to include and which to exclude from the backup;
  • Restore files or folders using the file browser.

Screenshots Software


The software Pika Backup is available for installation on Linux.

Installation methodOS
FlatpakUbuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Arch Linux, Fedora, CentOS, KDE Neon, openSUSE, elementary OS, Manjaro, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

*Ubuntu (GNOME), Kubuntu (KDE), Xubuntu (XFCE), Lubuntu (LXDE)

Install Software via Flatpak package

flatpak install flathub org.gnome.World.PikaBackup

Software Information

Language Interface:English, Deutsch, Spanish, French and others
Description version:0.3.2
Developer:Sophie Herold and others
Programming language:GTK
License:GPL v3
Software website:wiki.gnome.org/Apps/PikaBackup

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