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Qoobar is a free and open source, multiplatform program for editing tags in classical music files


  • It is possible to edit ID3v2.4, APE, ASF, MP4 tags, Vorbis comments;
  • It is possible to edit tags in MP3 (.mp3), Ogg/Vorbis (.ogg), Ogg/FLAC (.oga), FLAC (.flac), Musepack (.mpc), Speex (.spx), TrueAudio (.tta), WavPack (.wv), Wma/Asf (.wma), APE (.ape), Wav (.wav), Aiff (. aif, *.aiff) and MP4 ( *.m4a, *.mp4) files;
  • Support for group (batch) editing of audio file tags: editing any tags in a group of files, assigning the same value or separate values;
  • Easy copying and pasting of any tags between groups of files;
  • Editing support for the following tags: Composer, Album, Title, Artist, Performer, Conductor, Orchestra, Subtitles, Key, Comment, Genre, Year, Track Number, Total Number of Tracks, Album Artist, Publisher, Mood, Number of Beats per Minute (Tempo), Original Artist, Lyricist, Lyricist, Original Album, Lyrics, Music Category (Grouping), Copyright, Disc Number, Total Number of Discs, Remix, Encoded, ISRC, URL, Rating
  • Support for importing tags from Discogs, Musicbraiz, GD3, gnudb;
  • It is possible to rename/copy/move files by their tags, creating folders if necessary;
  • It is possible to convert tags with encodings Windows 1251, KOI8-R, CP866 to UTF8;
  • It is possible to edit cover images in all supported file types;
  • It is possible to undo/redo any tag change: you can undo (and redo) the change of tags and cover images separately for each open tab;
  • It is possible to add and remove playback information (ReplayGain) in most file types;
  • Support for generating tags from file names and file paths;
  • It is possible to use autofill for selected tags;
  • Tab support: You can edit different folders on their own tab;
  • Various tag editing operations include: changing the case, writing tags, transliteration, removing diacritics;
  • Splitting the CD image into the corresponding CUE file;
  • Supports playback in Mp3, Mp4, Ogg Vorbis, Flac, Musepack, WavPack files;
  • Support for creating playlists (playlists);
  • Template support.

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The software Qoobar is available for installation on Linux, Windows and macOS.

Installation methodOS
PPAUbuntu* 16.04/18.04/19.04/20.04, Linux Mint 18/19, Debian
FlatpakUbuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Arch Linux, Fedora, CentOS, KDE Neon, openSUSE, elementary OS, Manjaro, Red Hat Enterprise Linux
AppImageUbuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, CentOS, elementaryOS, Linux Mint and others

*Ubuntu (GNOME), Kubuntu (KDE), Xubuntu (XFCE), Lubuntu (LXDE)

Install Software via PPA repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aleksej-novichkov/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install qoobar

Install Software via Flatpak package

flatpak install flathub io.sourceforge.qoobar.Qoobar

Install Software via AppImage package

Install Software via EXE package on Windows

Install Software via DMG package for macOS

Software Information

Language Interface:English, Russian, Deutsch, Spanish, French and others
Description version:1.7.0
Developer:Alex Novichkov
Programming language:C, C++
License:GPL v3
Software website:qoobar.sourceforge.io

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