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Recoll – free and open source software for full-text search of files by content, as well as by file names


  • Qt GUI, WEB, command line, Gnome Shell Search Plugin, Unity Scope, Dolphin KIO and krunner interfaces;
  • Searches most common document types, emails and their attachments. Transparently handles decompression (zip, gzip, bzip2, etc.);
  • Powerful query facilities, with boolean searches, phrases, proximity, wildcards, filter on file types and directory tree, accessible through the query language or a GUI query builder interface;
  • Multi-language and multi-character set with Unicode based internals;
  • Extensive documentation, with a complete user manual and man pages for each command;
  • Can use a Firefox extension to index visited Web pages history. See the Howto for more detail;
  • Processes all email attachments, and more generally any realistic level of container imbrication (the “msword attachment to a message inside a mailbox in a zip” thingy…​);
  • Multiple selectable databases;
  • Support for multiple charsets. Internal processing and storage uses Unicode UTF-8;
  • Stemming performed at query time (can switch stemming language after indexing);
  • An indexer which can be set to run either as a batch, cron’able program, or, on Unix-like systems, as a real-time indexing daemon;
  • It is possible to carry out indexing on a schedule;
  • It is possible to save / load search queries;
  • Support for light and dark themes;
  • Has a customizable interface;
  • Full screen support.

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The software Recoll is available for installation on Linux.

Install Sotware via Software Center (Appstream)

Install Software via PPA repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:recoll-backports/recoll-1.15-on
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install recoll

Install Software via RPM package

Install Software via AppImage package

Install Software via command in terminal (konsole)

sudo apt-get install recoll

Install Software via DMG package for macOS

Software Information

Language Interface:English, Russian, Deutsch, Spanish, French and others
Description version:1.28.6
Developer:Jean-Francois Dockes
Programming language:C++
License:GPL v2

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